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One of the benefits of BCV is the long lasting impact we make on our patients

Below we have collected some of our most impactful anecdotes to share the effect that BCV can have on patients.

Family Gaytan

“Sometimes as parents we do the impossible for our kids. When we think that all hope is gone… well, our life had a 360 [degree] turn. As parents of three children (one girl and two boys), life hasn’t been easy for us. Our two boys have been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Even though they are nine years apart we never stop for anything.

Well let me tell you a small story that most people won’t believe until they hear it or see it. Our son, Marco, was diagnosed at age 18months and had four months to live. Years have pass and now he is thirteen years old. Life hasn’t been easy for him. Marco would also have a hard time breathing, tiring easily. He was underweight because he didn’t have the strength to eat or do much, even though he’s wheelchair-bound.


Winters were very hard always with pneumonia and RSV. One day when he had an appointment with his Pulmonologist (Dr. Dove) in San Antonio, Texas, she told us about the Biphasic Cuirass Ventilator. The more she would explain in my mind was the word (HOPE). She asked if we were interested and it was a big “YES!”

We got to meet with Denise Fernandez, a Hayek Rep. As she explained to us the functions and purpose of the medical equipment, our eyes and ears got amazed. It finally got the time for our son to try it. Guess what!  After two hours of test using it and the shell was removed we notice he had more strength. He didn’t struggle to breath as much and was able to bring phlegm on his own. This was my son’s BIG BREAK in life. Finally after insurance approval we received one.

Now let me tell you one thing: when we got the Cuirass, Marco was hospitalized and almost ended with a Ventilator. As soon it was put to work, Marco started to get out of his crises faster than ever. It was from one day to the next. You may think it’s just another medical equipment, but it is not. Children with SMA have a weak cough and fatiguing is very easy for them. Lung function is very weak. For the past two years, my son has only been hospitalized once thanks to the Cuirass.


He’s able to last longer without getting tired and has more energy than ever and sleeps well at night. Most of all, he’s home and not at a hospital every other month. Thank you so much for introducing my family to the Cuirass, Dr. Amanda Dove and Denise Fernandez (Hayek Rep). This Cuirass has taken over the other equipment he has used and has never done the function it does on its own.

Thank You from,

Family Gaytan
(Del Rio,Texas)

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