Who can Use BCV?

Dr. Zamir Hayek set out to design the ideal ventilator that would be a clinical tool to assist nearly anyone. 

He achieved this with the Hayek RTX, and in doing so, established Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV). BCV is a revolutionary multifunction tool, facilitating ventilator support, high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO), and cough options. They Hayek RTX eliminates the harmful side effects of PPV, or a facial mask interface.

BCV is Changing the lives of patients across the globe with its non-invasive, multi-function ventilation and secretion clearance options allowing patients, to eat, drink, and talk while receiving the respiratory support they need.

BCV, in most cases is just as effective as positive pressure ventilation (PPV), with absolutely no known side effects! BCV provides complete ventilation in the most natural way possible. It helps to eliminate secretions and can help you avoid infections. We can help remove the limitations imposed on you or a loved one by traditional therapy or ventilation methods. Do you:
  • Use a BiPAP mask?
  • Use a Ventilator?
  • Want to Avoid a Tracheostomy?
  • Want a More Comfortable Way of Receiving the Respiratory Support You Need?

How Does BCV Impact These Patients?

Increased Lung Recruitment

  • BCV works in conjunction with your bodies physiology to naturally fill more of the lung with air

Better Patient Experience

  • By allowing patients to continue to eat and drink, as well as speak to their loved ones, BCV fosters patient independence, and active involvement with their treatment.

Increased Cardiac Output

  • A brief period of cuirass NPV increases cardiac output of patients.

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