Conditions We Treat

Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation has been proven to reduce mortality rates, increase patient comfort, and avoid many of the harmful side-effects associated with other existing forms of ventilation techniques.

BCV offers complete non-invasive ventilation, high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO), and assisted cough device, ALL-IN-ONE.

BCV Has Been Used On Patients with:

What Problems may respond to BCV?

  • Need for ongoing recruitment of alveoli and small airways
  • Conditions requiring non-­‐invasive support for relief of increased WOB
  • Small airways disease
  • Need to improve oxygenation
  • Need to decrease RV workload and improve function
  • CO2 retention
  • Low or absent drive
  • Fatigued weak or poorly innervated pulmonary musculature
  • Anomalous cardiac flow situations
  • Restrictive processes
  • Obstructive processes
  • Mixed obstructive and restrictive
  • Muco-­‐proliferative lungs
  • Reoccurring atelectasis/pneumonias
  • Other means of support have not worked or is not desired i.e. BiPAP® or desire to avoid trach and PPV

When Can I Use BCV?

You can use BCV in virtually any circumstance where you would use any other form of non-invasive ventilation such as BiPAP® and even in most cases where you would use invasive ventilation such intubation or tracheostomy. 

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