Cystic Fibrosis

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), is a term for a collection of illnesses that impact a patient’s ability to breathe normally, either through damage to the bronchial tubes, or to the alveoli.  COPD encompasses two major disorders: Chronic Bronchitis, and Emphysema. 


Chronic Bronchitis

What is it?

Chronic Bronchitis is caused by the long term irritation and inflammation of the airways that carry air to, and from your lungs.  Irritated Bronchi become swollen and produce mucous, obstructing the pathways for air to travel through, causing the characteristic hacking cough and chest wheeze that typically accompanies the ailment.  Over time chronically irritated bronchi thicken, damaging the cilia, small hairs that help to clear mucous and obstructions, and can lead to mucous build-ups that turn airways into breeding grounds for bacterial infections like pneumonia.


What is it?

Emphysema is caused by damage to alveoli, the small, inflatable sacs that infuse blood with oxygen in your lungs.  When these sacs are damaged by particulates such as cigarette smoke, they may collapse, causing difficulty exhaling a full breath.  


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The cuirass of the Hayek RTX provides ventilation, cough assist, and secretion clearance without an invasive endotracheal tube, or uncomfortable mask, by creating a vacuum seal over the chest and upper abdomen of the patient. 

By creating a negative pressure vacuum around the chest cavity, it allows for respiratory support closer to natural breathing.  This results in a more comfortable solution with no mask or endotracheal tube that allows for a patient to speak, eat, and drink normally while still receiving the respiratory support they need, and more control over directing and managing their own care. 

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